Notice to Property Owners and Occupants

In light of  the local “state of emergency declaration” and the municipal building closed to the general public, the following is an update on the operations of the Richmond County Board of Assessors – Property Appraisal Office.

The spread of the COVID-19 virus and rapidly changing protocols as issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), including new guidance for mass gatherings redefining large events and a needed to increase “social distancing” (, the Board of Assessors – Property Appraisal Office operations will be modified as follows for the immediate future:

  • ALL face-to-face appointments with inquiring property owners and/or representatives will be moved to telephone appointments to limit interaction and contact. Use of the office website provides all necessary information and forms for digital submission –
  • Municipal building is closed to the general public – no walk-in visitors allowed to ensure that staff are protected from any potential containments unknown or unaware by guests visiting the office.
  • All DOR classes have been canceled through April 30th AND large community-based meetings will be effectively postponed until further notice.
  • The state does not have any plans to grant extensions or suspend any deadlines required by law.
  • For late personal property payments, the county governing authority can waive penalty and interest (48-5-242).
  • Personal property returns can also be accepted by email if there is a local policy of the assessors authorizing it.

The annual digest submission process of the Board of Assessors to the Richmond County Tax Commissioner’s Office (deadline July 15th) AND to the State of Georgia – Department of Revenue (DOR deadline September 1st) is UNCHANGED AT THIS TIME.

We will continue to watch for updates from county and state leadership as developments progress.

Pursuant to state statute O.C.G.A. 48-5-264.1 notice is provided that staff of the appraisal office conducts field checks to update property characteristics. All staff members are issued county identification badges with their photograph which should be visible at all times. Appraisal staff travels in county owned vehicles displaying county decals.

Notice in person is provided to the owner or occupant immediately upon entering the property. If no response is received, a door hanger will be left making the resident aware of the visit and information needed. Any visit requiring an interior inspection of residential improvements will be by appointment only.

Field checks occur throughout the year. Should you have questions or desire to confirm the presence of field staff you may contact the property appraisal office at (706) 821-1765. For Real Property direct your call to the Assistant Deputy of Real Estate. For Personal Property direct your call to the Assistant Deputy of Personal Property.